Naomi Campbell’s Vogue Spain cover was the first time a black photographer shot her for Vogue

You won’t believe it but Supermodel Naomi Campbell‘s Spain Vogue Cover is the first time a black photographer has shot her for any Vogue publication.

Campbell who is a British-Jamaican model is one of the world’s most prominent model faces, icon and humanitarian voices with over sixty covers in a 34-year career. However, this hasn’t stopped Condé Nast from treating her with injustice with regards to working with a black photographer.

The July edition of Spanish Vogue changed the narrative especially in a time when conversations about race, culture and Black lives are the most trending issues both online and real world.

28-year-old Nigerian Jamaican photographer Nadine Ijewere become the first black person to shoot Naomi Campbell for a Vogue Cover when she was contracted by the magazine for the July edition.

Touching on the subject, the millionaire supermodel who continues to fight for racial equality and HIV called it “a special cover which represents more than you will ever know.”

Naomi Campbell

“Thank you Nadine Ijewere, ‘Vogue Spain’ and the whole team. This is a special cover for me. It is the first time in 34 years of my career that I have been photographed by a black person for ‘ Vogue’ / Condé Nast, and it was a black woman. Nadine, it was really an honour. I learned a new work ethic thanks to you, another way of being… I can’t tell you how I was anxious, I wanted to live up to your vision and your expectations. Calmness and tranquillity. For me, this represents more than you will ever know! Continue like this, Nadine. The session took place before confinement. “

This cover is Naomi Campbell’s sixth time posing for Vogue Spain and sees her posing in Gucci floral separates and short curls whiles she holds unto a red Anthurium andraeanum.

The flowering plant species is a member of the Araceae family which is native to Colombia and Ecuador in South America.

Other images in the editorial series feature her posing with natural light and pastel backgrounds with textures, shapes or colours redolent of flowers and plants.

Vogue Espana’s editor, Eugenia de la Torriente said the cover was shot earlier in January whiles the team were in Los Angeles with Naomi Campbell.





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