Michaela Coel rocked two Ghanaian designers for Vanity Fair’s 27th Annual Hollywood Issue

For British Ghanaian actress, Michaela Ewuraba Boakye-Collinson a.k.a Michaela Coel for Vanity Fair’s 27th annual Hollywood Issue cover and editorial, she picked Ghanaian designers, Nelly Hagan Deegbe of Duaba Serwaa and Cherry Baby to create her looks.

The “I May Destroy You” writer and producer starred on the cover along with 9 other figures around the world including black leading figure ZendayaMichael B. Jordan and SpikeLee.

Announcing the release of the magazine on social media, the Magazine said the 10 stars had risen to new creative heights and deserved to be celebrated.

The 27th Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue is here! In a surreal year, these 10 stars rose to new creative heights, plumbed new emotional depths, and showed us hope and humanity. In the spirit of their artistry, V.F. teamed up with renowned conceptual artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari to create a dazzling fantasia in celebration of these visionaries who have been leaning in, learning and lighting the way forward.


The icing on the cake is the fact that the award-winning screenwriter, singer, songwriter, poet and playwright, a team of Ghanaian creatives were brought together to shot her cover including Apag Studios who wrote:

“Its been a real pleasure being a part of this project for #vanityfair

Cheery Baby and Duaba Serwaa also took to social media to celebrate the beautiful moment with uplifting captions.

“I won’t stop saying it, GRACE is real!
This win isn’t my win alone. I know,it sounds cliché but it’s true. Think about it! A product from a small business in Ghana, is seen being worn, on the front cover of Vanity Fair(also got mentioned on a double page spread). How amazing is that!!! This only means,I am all the evidence you need that YOU can make it too. It is very very possible ?”

Cheery Baby

Cheery is mentioned as the designer who created the stunning accessories she wore whiles Duaba made a print gown for the star on the cover.

Congratulations to the two designers for putting Ghana on the map.

Check out Micheala’s full interview on www.vanityfair.com

Stylist: @kegrand
Hair: Nathaniel Dogbey
Makeup: @giselle_makeup
Manicure: Mirian Addy
Earrings : @cheerybaby_
Production : @daniel_damah
Props : @prophavengh
Blue-screen Setup : @artdirectionhouse_group





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