This Ghanaian mum and daughter made history by graduating from medical school together

It is not every day you end up attending the same school with your mum and getting the rare opportunity to graduate with her like Ghanaian doctor, Jasmine Kudji has had.

Earlier, this month the pair graduated from the Louisiana State University in New Orleans and despite their inability to have a commencement ceremony to mark the graduation, they’ve still taken the internet by storm.

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The Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation which first shared the ground-breaking story on its Facebook page said it was the first time in known history, a mother and daughter will “attend medical school at the same time and match at the same institution”.

The post continued: “As a single parent, Dr. Cynthia Kudji began her healthcare career as a nursing assistant in a nursing home and was soon on an upward trajectory that took her through nursing school to become a hospital RN, and eventually, a nurse practitioner serving rural communities throughout Louisiana and Alabama. A trip back home to Ghana confirmed her desire to become a physician.”

Talking about the impact of her mum in her life, Dr Jasmine revealed that her Ghanaian mum, Dr Cynthia had been with her through so much and was an amazing mother.

“She is an amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I’m so lucky to have been raised by her, and I’m so grateful that our relationship has grown to be so strong. We’ve been rockin since ‘94 & We’ve been through so so much together. I can’t wait to see where this next journey takes us,” Jasmine wrote on Instagram.

The Kudji ladies will however not be working in the same fields; Mum Kudji will be venturing into Family Medicine as daughter Kudgi will be practising as a surgeon. With the overwhelming coming from social media, they’ve gone ahead to set up a blog to update fans on how it started, advice for immigrant families like themselves, how to apply for a medical degree among others.

Jasmine shared on Instagram: “Mama Kudji & I started a blog: The MD Life (!???‍⚕️ ✨We have received the warmest response from everyone as well as tons of questions about our journeys. Because of this, we’ve decided to create The MD Life to provide inspiration & information for people pursuing a career in medicine

These two make it sound and look easy; it’s so inspiring.

Credit: @doctor.504 @dr.kudji.sylvester





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