What do you do if you sleep with your lights off and your partner needs them on to be able to sleep?

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Differences. Makes sense that we have them.  Cause would we really be humans if we were exactly like our partners?

No matter how much of a power couple you seem to be, you’re bound to have at least one trait, preference or behavior that distinguishes you from your soulmate.

That brings us to the question, what do you do if your partner partner prefers the lights off when he or she sleeps but you don’t?  

We got people’s opinions on the issue and some of these responses might be helpful.  Pick a seat.  We brought solutions. 

Buy a sleep mask

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Using a sleep mask is almost like sleeping with the lights off. It’s very budget friendly and you can be stylish with it too. The padded foam blocks light from reaching your eyes while they are closed so you can enjoy your sleep. And your partner can keep the lights on to sleep. Everybody wins.

Get a bedside lamp.  

How to Pick a Bedside Lamp

A bedside lamp while upping the look of your room, is also very efficient in cases like this. Especially when you can’t wait for your s/o to fall asleep so you can turn off the lights.  They’re not too bright and you can place it on the night stand close your partner so he or she still feels like the lights are on.


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You could take turns compromising. Say, this week, you both sleep with the lights on and the next, you sleep with the lights off. After a couple of weeks, you would both be accustomed to your new routine.

Sleep in separate bedrooms

While this might be very unorthodox for married couples, it helps. If none of the methods above work, this might be your last resort. Just don’t let your African parents find out.



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