You would be utterly amazed by some of the reasons why people take alcohol in Ghana


For a non-drinker, I’ve always wanted to know and understand why people take so much interest in alcohol?

Is the smell or taste? Does it really help you to forget the pain?? What about the hangover you get the next day??

The questions are many and so are the answers, however, every individual has their reason and you would be utterly shocked by some of them. (Not judging)

Alcohol in itself is produced from the fermentation of grains, fruits and different sources of sugar. Technically, alcohol exists in several of the foods we consume daily but for some this is not enough.

Alcohol has and continues to be the foundation for many social activities around the world.

According to reliable data by International Wines and Spirits Record (ISWR), the global alcohol industry in 2018 exceeded $1 trillion, this amount is even higher the whole economy of Ghana and over 40 countries in Africa combined.

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Despite its ban and strict regulations all over the world, Alcohol is one of the most popular commodities in the world.

Here are some reasons why people consume them in gallons and shots.


A form of relaxation

Friday nights are busy nights for drinking spot because it’s the beginning of the weekend and workers take time off to relax and “ have fun” with friends.

Alcohol is one form of relaxation for people. Alex in Accra says “chilled beer cools me down”. 

This helps some people to feel relaxed and gets them in the mood for “party after party”. Some also say it helps them sleep well when they take alcohol, just do not like the hangover when they wake up.

A form of a booster to eat

Mawuli who spoke to Braperucci.Africa in the Volta region says “I would take three shots of tequila then I can eat two bowls of fufu. It helps me get the energy to eat. I would prefer to take alcohol than any soft drink. Soft drink invites ants in my stomach”. 

People then to take alcohol as a form of energy booster to get an appetite for food even though it has a strong taste. Surprisingly most people give this reason for their alcohol preference.


On occasions like wedding, funerals and another social event, alcohol tends to be the most available item on the list. It is convenient and readily available on the market and it comes in large quantities.

A form of energy to be tough

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It gives people the energy to act in a way they normally would not be found doing. Some people take alcohol in other to get the energy to fight someone or cause damage to properties.

Some say they act quickly and steadily when they take alcohol which they may regret later or be proud of depending on the act one geared their energy toward.



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