Can you come up with a legit planned date for two that costs only GHS 100? The answers will shock you!


The Bird App a.k.a Twitter is full of surprises.

Some time ago, most people said you’d need about GHS 1000 to have a nice, romantic date, but recently food blogger and tastemaker, Zubaidah, one of the content creators on Twitter, has brought that idea to its knees. 

She challenged Ghanaian Twitter users to plan a legit date for two with GHS 100. And that she would subsequently pick two people and pay for them to go on the date they planned.  

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You won’t believe some of the replies.  Apparently, Accra is hot but there is so much you can do on a date with GHS100. 

Here are some fantastic ideas. 

1. This is actually a pretty nice place!

2. Everyone loves ice cream. 

3. For those who do not want to waste that money

4.  Because who doesn’t like plantain chips?

5. For those that prefer the intimacy of cooking together 

6.  You really don’t have to spend that much

7.  Simple! 

8.  Looks like uncle forgot to add onions and tomatoes but well

9.  Because Oluwa is involved 

10. A little something something for the fufu lovers! 

11.  You can be bougie with a 100 cedis too

12.  We literally saved the best for last. The effort put into this date plan is astounding! 

Take notes people! 

100 cedis dates are gonna be a thing! Try one of these date ideas and let us know how it goes. 



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