15 Photos of Graduates At Legon’s 2018 Congregation That Are Too Cool For School

Graduation season (Szn) is officially over for the year 2018 and trust Ghana’s premier university to end the season in grand style!!!

This year’s graduation is pretty sentimental to a lot of people because it marks the end to school and the beginning of life in the outside world.

It also means goodbye to a lot of friends and even your crush. (Don’t worry you’ll find a new crush out there or maybe not lol!!)

From the degrees to the smiles, tears, stories and speeches, it’s been an exciting weekend for everyone on the Legon Hill and Social media . But as usual we are here for the outfits and the glow four years has brought.

Check out these outfits on graduates that were too cool for school


A degree hotter


Dapper in Pink


Her smile is as bright as her future


A mood


Behind a successful man is his mum and the women in his family


And she bagged that first class with finesse


We stan a classy queen in Kente


Because family is everything


Repping Class Of 2018 to the fullest


A support system like no other


The smile of acheivement


Red hair, School done!!


La belle fleur!! Felicitations


Fly AF!!


Doesn’t she look stunning??


Congratulations Class of 2018. We are proud of you. Go make the world your oyster!!





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