Fitness Coach, Richard Fiifi Waddle will never let you quit on your fitness goals

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At the start of every new year, most people decide to get back in shape and sign up for the gym or a fitness program.

Fiifi works on his back at the gym

However, it’s not always easy and the journey to getting the banging summer body can turn into a wild goose chase. This is because most people simply may not have the time, access to a proper diet or get frustrated when the requirements seem too tall an order.

For Ghanaian fitness and wellness coach, Richard Fiifi Waddle, this has rather opened an avenue to kickstart a successful career in personal training.

Once a hobby, the former Mr World Ghana is living vicariously through his new career; helping people burn fat and gaining confidence in their bodies.

But this has not always been his vocation as he himself was a regular Joe during his freshman days in the University and picked his first dumbbell in 2015. “For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in fitness but started doing it professionally around 2015,” he said about the early days in the field.

Fiifi’s hard work and proven fitness regiments has earned him some very well-paying clients and popular ones too including the likes of Fela Makafui and hubby, Medikal.

For Fela, she was looking to shred off the postpartum fat after delivering her daughter, Island and get her confidence back. So far the results have been phenomenal as evident in her latest raunchy Instagram posts.

Below the Never Quit Ambassador shares his journey, philosophy and goals for the job that has earned him the “SuperHero” tag amongst his clientelle.

What he does and who he is

I am a fitness and wellness coach, who has a passion and zeal to help others attain realistic fitness goals. 

A typical day in my life; I normally wake up around 6 am sometimes it differs, depending on my first client. I have breakfast and then check my emails and schedules for the day. My last clients typically end at 8:30 pm on a busy day.

Fitness is a growing trend in Ghana, unfortunately, a lot of people do not understand or know the basic principles of wellness but are quick to jump on it just for the clout or fun of it.

With time if Ghanaians are able to see fitness from a different point of view; with true understanding and appreciation, it won’t be just a new year resolution but rather a lifestyle year-round.

Fitness in the era of the Pandemic

Virtual Gym is his latest way of getting his clients to lose weight and stay fit

The pandemic clearly did affect most people and their work all around the world. Fitness; i.e. gyms especially being one major aspect of which it. Then again technology saved it from going down the drain since a lot of people substitute it with the virtual training trend

Fitness after covid has given me a new perspective. It has thought me to be poised and be ready and adapt to change . This has also taught me to take advantage of technology by incorporating personal training sessions online which can save the cost of travelling to clients but at the same time help them achieve their goals.

Referrals have been his biggest marketing tool

I won’t say it is difficult for me to get clients, however, depending on the type of season, it tends to vary. I get most of my clients through referrals, Instagram DMs and emails.  

His British Certification

I do have a certificate from British new school academy level 3 personal trainer

His body gets him a lot of advances which he doesn’t consider them as sexual

I wouldn’t use the word harassed per se, but I do get sexual approaches or advances almost all the time.

When Fiifi Waddle isn’t helping people burn fat, he is a photo model

Economic development and the future of fitness

It can be lucrative when you have a consistent client base and the more you gain experience and master your craft, the higher your demand

Yes, I see myself as a living example of the fitness lifestyle. It will forever be a part of me and I’ll continue to impact people’s life choices because it’s my passion.

Fiifi Waddle on Tackling Stereotypes

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding bodybuilders and personal trainers, such as engaging sexually with their clients and others more, although it does happen sometimes, it all balls down to the individual, if you know what you are about and you are a professional, you’ll set and have boundaries. I don’t think this should describe you, but sadly one bad nut spoils the soup; you know.



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