17 times Africans abroad experienced a shock from the differences in culture.

It’s evident that African culture is not in any way similar to the culture of the western world. 

Binjo Adejiran, a Nigerian living abroad, out of curiosity, wanted to know what Nigerians abroad have encountered that sent them into waves of cultural shock. 

And in reply to this tweet,  Africans abroad recounted instances where they noticed the disparity between our culture and the western culture. 

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Some are embarrassing but some of these tweets will have you in stitches. 

The ultimate fcuk up

Africans who want to cook the pet for soup and stew

‘Unforeseen Circumstances’ is always the reason why we are late

Sorry for you ooo

This definitely a Yoruba man

Drugs and medication are not the same

You need deliverance

Wow!!! Imagine not knowing what Yam looks or tastes like

The 1 doctor to 2500 patient ratio doesn’t work here

Kissing is a form of greeting here


Thank you but pay me

Excuse you

The horn is the signature in Nigeria

Go and try this in Yaba market and you’ll receive treatment





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