7 Childhood games you definitely played if you were born and raised in Ghana

You know someone is from Ghana, the motherland from the childhood games they usually talk about.
April 3, 2021

Happy New Month Folks. As we celebrate Easter and take time off our busy schedules,it’s a good time to be nostalgic.

Let’s look at games familiar to Ghanaians. You know someone is from the motherland from the games they usually talk about.

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Even when you’re old, it doesn’t mean you’ll forget, these games will forever live with us.

Not only were we exercising, we learnt how to socialize and make new friends and enemies through games.

Here are 7 Childhood games familiar with Ghanaian millennials


Clap your hands, jump and throw your feet. Were you in osuatey or okontor? This game is common to most girls in Ghana, some boys join the girls just for fun.

This game could boost your self-esteem and get you furious for no reason. Someone shoots you out of the game with their hand, you know your enemies when you’re consistently shot by one person.

Girls take this game personally, it was grounds to show your dislike for a person, and for the skills and phrases we coined from playing this game, no wonder snubbing skills from girls are A1.


You are not Ghanaian if you didn’t move to change your style and stand stiff when they say “be like that”. 

Mummy was always in the kitchen and daddy in the living room watching tv, as usual, the children are playing.

We moved silly but we developed the habit of obeying commands. 


If  you didn’t play tsakeley, you were not kubolor enough. For the guys who roamed the streets, this game was common, all the running and screaming.


 Wondering why our players and keepers have issues with big poles? Well, it’s the famous small poles, were every boys dream started. Just find some stones on a free red park and have your way with the football.


This was a game for the wicked. You sit and forget to say zanzama and have yourself a free knock on the head. 


This game was the crash course in being a culinary chef, housewife, father and literally every other profession. The role play as father, mother and child was another adventure on its own.


Police and Thief was an interesting game that helped us realize that economic disparity was real. The dadabees could afford the gun and the poor ones were the ones being shot. You did not even get the privilege of being shot if the gun owner was not your friend.

This toy gun took the police-and-thief game to a whole new legendary level

Which ones are we missing on this list?? Share in the comments section

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