Gather around 80s and 90s kids!!Do you remember these games from your childhood?


The joy we found in some of the games we played as children can and will never be replaced by technology.

Might be random but that hole in our lives that we feel the need to fill, is the hole that was left in our lives when we stopped playing most of these games.

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Kids of these days will never understand how it felt like to play some of the games we played back in our day. Since phones have pretty much replaced all forms of contact childhood games. 

Let’s see if you remember these games from back in the day:

Practical sets

One of the games that kept us on our toes during early morning mental. Remember playing in a large group during recess and mocking the people that got it wrong? How intense the contest became when it got to the last two people standing? Good times.

Tin trailers.

The mini- Apostle Kwadwo Safos in our midst used to make lots of these cars. It’ll be very painful if these people aren’t doing engineering somewhere in Ghana.


If you ever won this game playing against the computer you deserve accolades. Sincerely, most of us didn’t even understand the game to begin with.

Rubber band game

The betting of our day. You could go in with all your bands and have none by the end of the game. The champions used to lace their bands together and wear them around their necks like boxing championship belts or line them up on their arms.

Counter top football

The boys used too spend so much time on this game. They’d use the bottle tops we were supposed to be using to learn how to count to take turns in playing this game

Line them up

Played with stones and crumpled pieces of paper, this game was one of the favorites. It could be played anywhere. Especially in class when the teacher wasn’t looking.


Feeling the wind beneath the Parachutes we made from our mothers’ traditional cloths as we ran was definitely one of the highlights of our days.

The water game

Trying to line up all the rings on the pins in this game was hard. Till date I have never met someone who actually did it.

Brick Games.

Playing Tetris on this game box was elite. Not everyone had it and the people who did used to be very stingy with it.

Did we leave any out? Let us know!

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