5 types of Mother in every African home based on the characters of these Nollywood stars

It’s normal to fear or love your mother.

You can love and fear her at the same time, but for the African home, it’s fear and respect and a bit of hidden love we hardly show.

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Your type of mother predicts how frustrating or fun your life will play out.

Which category does your mum fall according to these Nollywood actresses and their characters?

1.The best friend mother

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and her daughter for an Ad

Your mum makes you feel like her equal. She brings all the stern rules down so you can confide her in her anytime you’re scared.

Your mum plays the role of someone you can confide in at any time. These mothers are usually the forever young mums and tend to twin clothes with their daughters.

There’s nothing like knowing your boundaries with this mum. 

2. The unpredictable mother

Ireti Doyle in The Wedding Party

Your mother reacts based on her mood. She is so emotional and parents you based on her mood. When she is in a good mood, it’s a good day for you, when her mood is foul, you better start praying if you break her glass.

3. The toxic mother

Patience Ozokowr in every movie we’ve seen her in

These mums do not know what is boundaries when it comes to their kids. There is always constant criticisms and emotion invalidation from the mum. Have you been guilt-tripped or manipulated by your mum to do something you initially didn’t want to do? Well, you have yourself a toxic mum.

4. The paranoid mother

Sola Sobowale in King of Boys

Your mother is overprotective and controlling. She is really rigid with how things should go on at home, her rules can be suffocating. She always questions the friends you hang out with and does not like any of them. She appears in your school anytime to make enquiries about your behavior from your teachers.

5. The busy mother

Dakore Egbuson in Castle and Castle

If you were raised by a household or your grandmother because your mum had to go to work, then your mum is the busy mother. Sometimes your mum makes it up to you by buying you gifts. Trust me, you might nag about these mums till you’re a young fellow growing up in Africa.

Every mum is unique in her own way and expresses her love in her own way. Most of their actions stem from the love they have for you. It can be overbearing and annoying at times but don’t be quick to judge them, wait till you have your own, you’ll realize being a best friend mum is not as easy as you thought it would be.


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