8 exciting gifts you can get for Boo this Christmas

It’s the season of giving;Christmas. And this year you have to ditch all those boring and unrelated gifts you give to your partner.

As a new year begins, you need to start practicing how to be a better partner thus giving well-thought out and wonderful gifts is one of the ways you can do that.

For the ladies, don’t always be at the expecting end, go a long way to make “His” Christmas exciting. And for the young Kings, we know it can be really tough getting something really special for your Queen, so we got you covered.

  • Perfume

Get your loved one a bottle of his or her favorite cologne or perfume this Christmas. They’ll thank you for everything and you’ll love to smell on them too when they come around you.

  • A Game Console

Get “bae” a PS7 game console or Xbox and unleash the little boy in him. Men love their toys and this one will keep him busy at home during the holiday seasons and beyond. The “Boys” will also come home and that will save you the stress of finding out where he is all the time.

  • Make-Up

This Christmas don’t forget to splurge on some cool-ass makeup kit for your dearie. You know most of them are obsessed in making themselves up and looking like porcelain dolls. Make her day with this gift.

  • A Smart Watch

It’s 2018 sweetie and your man needs to drop that analogue watch. Get him a smart watch to add to his gadgets.

  • Heels

Order for your babe the sexiest heel money can afford. Heels put the oomph in your style and makes her elegant.

  • Beard Maintenance Kit

They say beard is the new makeup for men and your man needs to keep his beard clean and sexy. Get him a beard maintenance kit that includes essential oils and cream to boost the texture and style of the beard. If he isn’t comfortable in the beard gang, get him some awesome shaving kit.

  • Weave

Get her some bundles of her favorite Mongolian, Brazilian or Peruvian hair. It’ll make her happy or pay for a session at the salon for her new up-braid.

  • Sneakers

You should show him how much you love him by getting him the latest version of his favorite sneakers

  • Jewelery

Be a loving partner by getting your sweetheart some beautiful pendant necklace or gold bracelets with his or her name on it. You can even get a His and Hers Jewelery set.

  • New Outfits

Invest in their outfits. Get them something new to add to their wardrobe especially if you’ve heard them talking about it.

Quick one guys. Don’t go breaking your bank account for love. Sometimes all your partner needs is your presence, love, care and support. Happy Holidays!!!





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