8 mouth-watering photos of waakye that will tempt your taste buds


Waakye, one of Ghana’s best kept culinary secrets keeps getting popular as more people come into contact with it.

Known as Ghana’s favorite breakfast due to its heaviness as compared to light meals such as Koko or hot Chocolate, the rice and beans dish is saving the lives of Ghanaians everyday.

According to historians, Waakye first originated from the Northern parts of Ghana where their staple foods are rice and beans but it is unknown which tribe has exclusive ownership to the dish. In cities across Ghana, waakye is sold by Muslim women who are erroneously but affectionately called “Hajia” or “Amaria”.

Another reason for its popularity is its price range and the value for money as compared to other breakfast meals. Most people take it with gari, spaghetti, egg, fish, fried plantain and other condiments.

Waakye may not be as popular as Jollof but it’s Ghanaian and at least no one has to fight another country about who cooks the best “Waakye”.

So here are 7 mouth-watering images of waakye just to tempt your taste buds

1.This waakye that has everything to make your life beautiful

2. The type waakye that is sold at Kempinski for a fortune

3. This waakye that is for bougie and those borga folks

4. Majestic

5. This waakye and jollof combo

6. What a glorious meal

7. The waakye in leaf gives it a spectacular taste

8. Joy to the world

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