After proposing to his wife, this groom was involved an accident that left him paralyzed before his wedding



In December 2016, after Joshua and Sozo had been friends for a while, he decided to propose to the love of his life just like with every other couple but little did they know that their life was going to change.

Two days after returning from his proposal, Joshua, Sozo and a cousin were involved in a ghastly accident that almost took his life.

But as fate would have it,he was slapped with the shocking news that he couldn’t make use of his limbs again because of a spinal compression on his c5c6. Despite undergoing surgery, he had to resort to using a wheelchair.

Sozo on the other hand sustained hip fractures that left her hospitalized for three months. His new status as a quadriplegic didn’t push Sozo away as she continued to pursue their love despite pressure that would have mounted from several quarters and helped him recover from the trauma.

Sozo has stood by me till date, she has been my strength, my courage, my push to keep my will going and she has this unwavering belief that I’d walk again. She never doubted not once and I strongly believe I will. I marvel at her strength. I know God is her source of energy. Even after her going through a lot, losing her mum, her jobs, her home, she kept her life at a pause, just to help me back up and it is mind-blowing. If the world celebrates her, I would be fulfilled. She is my light. So I call her “Meira meaning “Light”. I call her “Oluwatumininu” meaning “God has given me a soothing relief for my soul”. He told BellaNaija

Over the weekend they tied the knot in grand style and the official photographer for the event described their love as one made in heaven. He posted:

“This is one wedding I will not be forgetting in a hurry. I’ve never photographed a more moving story. To share a bit of their back story , Joshua was involved in a very serious accident just two days after returning from his journey to propose to his beautiful wife. I can’t begin to imagine all they’ve been through together in the years leading up to their wedding. I’m grateful to God for the privilege to tell this beautiful story. I have so many moments to share and so much tears were shed. I also share in the brides hope that #joshuawillwalkagain . This is truly a #lovemadeinheaven”

Congratulations Guys. May God heal him and may this marriage be filled with love and happiness.


Bride: @d_sozogold
Groom: @joshua_a_christopher
Photography @shoeboxng
Planner: @veezevents
Makeup: @bookielavida
Hair: @solangehairandbeauty
Decor: @sofsocevents
Led: @OptionAinternational
Apartment: @Nicotelapartment
Groom’s outfit: @alex_akware
Lighting &Effects: @mayors_events
MC:  @mrspeakerman & @ybits
Sound & DJ: @djcizle
Videography: @nategenius
Dress: @shekkelsbridalsnaija



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