The House of Walker Accra launch was a hit!! Here are 26 photos as proof.

In case you missed it, last Saturday launch of Guiness Ghana’s House Of Walker Accra was truly iconic.

The event which took place at the One Airport Square in Accra was pregnant with euphoria, style, tech, art and class; a clear reflection of Accra’s evolving nightlife scene.

A bevvy of Ghanaian influencers, celebrities and socialites attended the launch which was aired on TV3 and Trace Jam.

Hosted by Jay Foley, Agnes Ntow and KOD, the event was also a celebration of the Scottish whiskey brand’s 200th Anniversary.

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Our lens captured the likes of Kojo Soboh, Debbs Bjuku, Aku Akuffo, Nuel Bans, Chris Ukata, Bliss The King, Ameyaw Debrah and many others socializing, creating content and having good fun at the Johnnie Walker.

The House of Walker Accra was a world class success and a great opportunity to have fun after sating indoors after all this while.

We have 26 photos that prove that guest had so much fun at the launch. Check them out.





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