Made in Africa: Tongoro Studio from Senegal debuts an intriguing documentary inspired by Africa


Senegalese fashion brand, Tongoro Studios which enjoys massive endorsement from Queen Beyonce has released a new documentary ahead of its 4th birthday.

Premiering the news on IGTV, the Made in Africa brand said the documentary was geared towards giving people deeper insights into the continent and craftsmanship

It said: “Narrated by Sarah Diouf, MADE IN AFRICA gives an insight into the journey of Tongoro, an African digital native brand based in Dakar, Senegal, promoting local craftsmanship across the continent. The documentary celebrates the brand’s upcoming 4th anniversary on Africa Day, May 25 2020.”

Listed as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020, the brand has stolen the spot in global fashion in recent years with tribal and breezy fashion pieces.

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Taking their viewers through its humble but ambitious beginnings, the film highlights Sarah Diouf, the designer behind the brand who narrates, her inspiration and creative process while giving never-before-seen footage of work done in the background. The 31-minute,43 secs long video also features Beyonce who wore her pieces for the Spirit music video for the Lion King music among other key scenes.

Watch the captivating video below

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