More Soup Please! Here are Accra’s Top Places to Eat Fufu On A Sunday

In Ghana, Sunday is synonymous to fufu. It doesn’t matter what tribe you’re from, everyone enjoys eating fufu on Sundays. We have no idea why but it’s just one of the things that make sense. Having fufu on Monday won’t slap as much as it would if you had it on a hot Sunday afternoon. There’s always a variety of soups with assorted meat and fish to garnish your fufu. We recommend light soup. Just for shege reasons. 

If you’re looking for a place to get fufu on a Sunday, you came to the right place.  Pick a stool while we serve you with the best fufu joints in Accra: 

Di ma 3nsa

It goes without saying that this is one of the top tier fufu joints you’ll find anywhere in Accra.  They serve a variety of other local dishes and like their name suggests, you will finish all their food once you have a taste of it.   Open from 10am to 10 pm each day.  And they have something special for you every Sunday too. 

Perfect Touch

Fufu with a touch of perfection. Well who doesn’t want?  

Rated 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor so you know their food is that good!  

Bush canteen. 

Located on Legon Campus, this place is the best place to go on a Sunday for fufu with the boys.  Or the girls 

Bush canteen fufu will definitely come through for you on a Sunday. 

Mangoes Restaurant 

Also known as Mango Ase Restaurant. It is owned by Luckie Lawson and is located at Opp Del Hospital, East Legon, on Nii Sai Street. The Mangoase restaurant serves and delivers the tastiest and most sumptuous fufu you’ll ever find in Accra. You can order in if you’re feeling lazy or you’re just not up for the Accra sun. 

Asanka Local 

A large dining room style hall with almost all the local foods available. Their fufu will literally have you on your knees. Find them at Osu: 16 Adzoatse Street,few blocks away from the famous Oxford Street. And if you’re around East Legon you’ll find them inside the Ayele building around the University of Professional Studies(UPS). Enjoy!

Restaurant Azmera 

Azmera serves up what is undoubtedly one of Accra’s finest, if not the best fufu. Azmera is not cheap , but you’ll definitely get a run for your money.  

The Buka Restaurant 

High end restaurant located in Osu that serves you with tasty fufu in their breezy open air terrace.  So you can enjoy fresh air while you enjoy their fufu. You should definitely pass by. 

Agartha Chop Bar

Fufu that makes you fall in love. If you’re estranged from your family for one or two reasons, I recommend you go to Agartha Chop Bar.  You will literally taste your mother’s cooking.  

Heavy Do

Their name says it all. You must have definitely heard about them if you live in Accra.  They’re worth the hype.  Trust us.  

Don’t sit in the house as eat Jollof on  a Sunday.  Make sure to hit up one of these fufu joints. Happy Sunday.  





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