#PSN2020: 7 adorable moments at PY & Sesy's wedding that got us lovestruck


You’re probably living under a rock or another planet if you didn’t hear about the co-ordinated, luxury and romantic wedding of Ghanaian couple, PY and Sesy.

Despite being a private couple who shy away from social media, the pair have become a viral sensation after the internet chanced on their exclusive wedding photos and videos.

From a sanctimonious church wedding at the Ridge Church to a great reception by all standards at the 5-star Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel, everything about #PSN2020 screamed regal and co-ordination.

S/o to their event and coordination company, Events By Florets who pulled out such a spectacular show that has got the world talking. If you’re not a fan of loud wedding experiences then this is definitely for you but for us here are 7 moments we got lovestruck.

1.When they arrived at the wedding reception in a company of white-like dancers as if it was heaven.

2. Talk about the sweet peck on her cheek

3. A boomerang of the duo locked deep in each other’s eyes.

4. Sesy in that stellar gown that made us want to get hitched too

5. Did we tell you about Kwesi Arthur surprising the couple and causing a massive shutdown ??

6. The Events By Florets decor that blew the bride away and made the event more sentimental

7. We definitely want in on this yummy goodness

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