Looking for red dress inspirations?? Let Serwaa Amihere show you how

If Ghanaian broadcaster, Serwaa Amihere was to be given a dollar for all the times she wore red, she’ll probably be a millionaire by now.

Celebrated for her effervescent style both home and abroad, the pretty news broadcaster and morning TV host has charmed her way into the hearts of many Ghanaians. Despite a few brush ins with netizens on social media, she’s still their darling girl.

And no one loves the colour red or its hues and shades more than Serwaa who is also the C.E.O of Office and Co By Serwaa Amihere and brand ambassador for Ohh My Hair.

She’s even teased herself online about her obsession with red. In a post on her Instagram account, she revealed that she could wear outfits in red all her life.

‘I can wear red everyday of my life😁
@oh_my_hairr has finally restocked the Nahna Curl. Please call to order,” the post read.

As a fashionista and style influencer, Serwaa has led the way in breaking the core myths about wearing red. She’s rocked it to the office on several occasions, to evening events and casual locations as well. If you’re looking to wear red, take a cue from Serwaa’s style diary.





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