Ahwenepa Nkasa 2020: We are loving Serwaa Amihere as an alluring traditional kente bride


TV Presenter and Broadcaster, Serwaa Amihere will make a very stunning traditional bride by all standards when she finally ties the knot in the future.

And her new photos as a traditional bride is all the clue we needed. As a style and fashion influencer, she’s one to know what suits her body type along with other key fashion tricks and in this campaign, her glam team works some wonders.

Modelling for Kente company, Goba Kente in their 2020 “Ahwenepa Nkasa” 2020 bridal campaign, the GHOne presenter exuded glamour, high fashion and grace in the red and peach kente dressed made by Yartel.

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“Ahwenepa Nkasa” means royal beads do not rattle or in a more popular idiomatic phrase “Empty barrels make the most noise”, alluding the expert craftsmanship of the gown.

The outfit which has an over-the-top embellished bustier corset is complemented with woven silk.

Inspired by the look, Serwaa captioned the photo: “When GOBA Kente and Yartel weave magic together,the product is this lovely outfit.”

The traditional kente dress is part of the bridal collection produced by Goba Kente and Yartel with Serwaa as their muse.

Dress @yartelgh
Mua @facevillebeauty
Hairstylist @kushbytaylar
Hair @oh_my_hairr
Photography @ansahkenphotography

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