Here are the official top 10 Ghanaian wedding photographers you probably should book for your big day

November 12, 2018

It’s the year 2018 and weddings are the biggest social event of our time.

For couples planning to get married, there’s so much one has to take into consideration when planning a wedding. This includes guest list, food, gown, music, venue, decor and one of the most important item on the list; photography.

These days there exist so many photographers doing almost the same thing at the same time which makes choosing a little bit difficult and stressful. If we were getting married we would go for the best in the field because we’d want to immortalize our favorite memories forever.

So from a friend to another friend (You, of course) here is the real list of the best 10 wedding photographers in Ghana you should be checking out. Don’t thank us….what are friends for??

  • P K Hazel

Tel: +233242969298


C.E.O of Hazel photography, Paa Kwesi Hazel has carved a solid niche in the ever-evolving landscape of wedding photography with dozens of weddings, traditional weddings and pre-weddings under his belt. Located in East Legon, P.K and his team are the first to come to mind when it comes to wedding photography in Ghana and no one can argue against that. The brand thrives on creativity and the utmost perfection “embedded” in each photo captured.  “Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow” is their motto and trust that you’ll love every image they capture.


  • Sorce Photography


Telephone:  0209156080

Simon Manfort is the brains behind the renowned wedding photography company a.k.a your favorite wedding photographer’s favorite photography.  From shooting popular Ghanaian couple, Akosua Vee and A-plus‘ wedding to over 2,000 ceremonies both home and abroad, the brand has etched it’s name in the annals of wedding photography since it begun in 2013. Sorce Photography is more than just a wedding photographer as he journeys with the couple through the various stages of their lives making him a pretty special photographer to book.

  • Jema Photography
Telephone +233 205 830 128


A Jema photography wedding is a 360-experience you’ll have no plans of forgetting even in the afterlife and we are not mincing words. Since 2012, he’s been capturing every moment with a swift attention to every detail like no other. His customers are always satisfied with the excellent work he provides and you could be one too.

  • Team 1000 Words

The guys at Team 1000 words have become synonymous with professional and quality wedding photography in Ghana. Their images say a 1000 words leaving a lasting impression on the client hence their moniker. Their experience over the years has landed the official photographer’s tag at the Bliss Wedding Event and the much more popular, Joy Fm Bridal fair.

  • Maxwell Jennings

U.S-based Ghanaian photographer, Maxwell Jennings is a force to reckon with in the wedding industry across the globe. Maxwell’s images have received wide acclaim by netizens and has been published on several wedding blogs.

  • FocusnBlur

Telephone: 0242975645

Focus on the positives and blur the negative; this is the vision that pushes Paa Kwesi of FocusnBlur to create those mind-blowing and thought-provoking images.


  • Iconic Photography


Telephone: +233 0244975931

Unique, artistic, stunning and iconic is how you would describe the images that churn out from Iconic Photography’s lens.

  • Cliq_Kofi

Are you looking to immortalize your wedding so every moment is not lost?? Try the humorous yet professional Cliq_kofi and his “Akpasu” team

  • Ghog

+233 209 336 162

He is young, passionate and talented plus his images are captivating. All we can say is #OMGhog

  • Team Nhyira

Whatsapp: 0241267669

If you’re in Accra, Ontario or New York then you’re in pretty good company as Team Nhyira is available to bless your wedding with images you’d love.

  • Honourable Mention

Holison Concept

Urban Phlicks

Crimson Concepts

Do you think this list of Ghanaian wedding photographers is complete and factual ??  Share your thoughts with us

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