The Ghanaian woman’s guide to dressing stylish for your baby’s christening


The little Angels but mini devils at night have been around for a while. You have tried your best to lose most of your baby fat, now you are left with the hurdle of killing that look at the baby christening.

Someone might tell you to go easy because it’s just a baby’s christening, please do you, you can go all out if you want to.

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It’s an opportunity to feel pretty. You are the mother of the baby, the christening includes you.

There are no strict rules when it comes to what to wear for your baby christening, but since we prefer to go all white here, rocking these clothes will leave memories and have you looking stunning in your pictures.

1.Mid- length white dress

Since most baby christenings are held in the church, it will be appropriate to avoid short dresses there, you can change when you go home for the after-party.

Opt for knee-length or a dress to the feet to ensure your dress is respectful when you are sitting or standing.

2. White Denim trousers with a shirt dress

For those who love to make statements, you can wear those jeans if you feel comfortable, a loose shirt dress with low shoulders and buttons at the front will be a convenient choice. Y

ou can go ahead to wear those heels. Feel fabulous and free enough when the baby has to breastfeed. There are limits to making statements, avoid ripped jeans please.

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3. Bright colored clothes

We know it’s usually white on our side, but for the supremum who love to stand out in crowds, do not limit yourself to what has become the new order, wear the bright coloured dress you’ve been eyeing for a while.

You can wear whites with big coloured prints, this way the focus will be on the dress and prints rather than the waist fat you may be trying to hide.

Try knee-length dresses with pleats. Loose fits will work too in the heat so you don’t feel uncomfortable and sticky.

4. Jumpsuits

Who said mummy can’t wear jumpsuits?  They are actually perfect for mums who will be running around with the little one.

Try a sleeveless jumpsuit on a hot day or an angel sleeve if you’re not fun of your arms.

The perfect jumpsuit for new mums will be the wide-leg style that will be a flare from the waist to give an illusion of a leaner frame.

Other members

You can speak to the godparents about what you will be wearing on that day to give them an idea of how they should be looking for.

That way, they avoid showing up overdressed or underdressed.

For the father of the baby, a suit or kaftan will do the trick, unless he is so excited and such a fashion fanatic, then you’ll have to leave him to make his pick.



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