4 Important things to note if you are attending Senior High School for the first time


It can be a bumper when you do not get your first choice of school at the SHS level. Don’t feel down, you never know, you might end up loving the school you were given.

For those who got admitted to their first choice of schools, a big congratulations and I hope you make the most of it, it’s a big win and you should be excited.

We hope you enjoy school and not start counting the days to home going. Now let’s get ready for school, we’ll help you out so you don’t feel lost for the first month in school.

1. Try your best to follow the school prospectus.

You might be tempted to replace the cotton nighties for some cute silk nightie, don’t put yourself through that stress, your items will be checked before you’re allowed in your dormitory. Leave the unprescribed spirit for when you become a senior.  Don’t give the seniors any reason to frustrate you on your first day.

2. Take it easy with the labelling.

Don’t write on every item in your bags and boxes. You can mark hidden areas on your clothes than writing on them in deep black makers. Don’t be annoying, avoid marking your food, they can eat your food and leave the containers just to spite you. In everything you do, do not write a warning note on your bucket on your first day at school, it will not end well, save yourself and write just your name. 

3. Don’t try to be hard.

Save your stubborn spirit for later, you’re a fresher, not the senior in JHS, the seniors were there before you. Don’t go trying to rub shoulders with them.

Unless they are telling you to do something unreasonable, then you can go decline and go-ahead to report to the authorities.

Don’t be disrespectful, you’ll attract enemies, you’re alone, they are a pack, you will be surprised, they will devour the last bit of happiness in you. 

4. Have all the fun.

Credit: Achimota School

Don’t be homesick, you’ll adjust to the environment soon enough.

Have all the fun, make new friends, participate in “homos/ninos” night, take pictures for memories, you’ll look back and laugh.



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