The male guide to taking care of bae during her menstrual cycle

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Imagine being kicked in the balls the whole day for three days, that pain when you cannot walk and would not feel like talking. 

Just imagine, imagine the uncomfortable symptoms the menstrual cycle comes with. Most women experience a range of emotional and physical symptoms some days before and during their menstrual cycle, common amongst them is bloating, lower backaches, excessive fatigue, acne and stomach cramps. 

These symptoms interfere with normal activities like hitting the gym, visiting some friends, enjoying some pool time or sleeping comfortably on your bed with no fear of staining that beautiful bed sheet.

It gets frustrating when that maxi thick and long sanitary towel does not stretch far enough like you imagined, it’s either you double that towel or spend the night sleeping on your face or side and waking up in the middle of the night because you have a backache.

The constant warm compress massages and staring at that hot beverage filled with sugar and milk and hating your body because you can’t have it can be mentally draining. Telling yourself you can do without painkillers and rushing for them by noon so you could rid yourself of pain, just imagine.


In cases where you don’t get your period, you sometimes get alarmed. What if the condom broke? What if Lydia is choosing to decide? Causes of absent periods can be because you are anorexic, having an ovarian cyst, experiencing a sudden weight gain or loss or what you probably fear, “akwasi’s condom did break”. If you suspect you are pregnant, be sure to get a test kit at the drugstore without feeling shame, don’t lurk around the drug store hoping to send a child playing around, get in and ask questions bothering your mind, you may never know.

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The extreme pains during menstrual cycles can also be linked to underlying medical issues like fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis. Please see a doctor for that pelvic exam to help figure out what is abnormal. You can try some yoga too.

And please guys, never tell her she is overreacting, remember the kick in the balls?

Be a darling, warm that water and give her a massage, be naughty and touch those sensitive spots, she really could use that orgasm, have some painkillers just in case. Just imagine you were kicked in your balls every minute, hurts, right? Be a gentleman and treat her like you’ll treat them.



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