This restaurant is serving food made from bugs


As more and more people become conscious of healthy living, they begin to watch what they take into their bodies.

Varied alternatives to the omnivorous lifestyle prevalent in this part of the world have become popular in recent time like vegetarianism, veganism just, to name a few.

The most recent to gain attention is entomophagy, dieting on insects.

Insects have been a part of food culture the world over,even though it’s not as popular as other food groups. They are said to a be sourceof protein and nutrients important to the human body.

In view of this, a restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa hasmade history as the first to introduce an insect-based menu, serving food madewith edible insects in the country.

The Insect Experience, as the restaurant is known, is thefirst of it’s kind in South Africa, an all-insect pop up restaurant. It wasopened earlier this month by Gourmet Grubb, a South African company that hopesto encourage people to eat more insects and products containing insects.

The newly launched restaurant offers patrons delicacies suchas black-fly-larvae croquettes, mopane polenta, and deep fried dark chocolateblack-fly-larvae ice cream.

The meals are designed and made  by chef Mario Barnard, who first startedcooking with bugs after a trip to Thailand where he was encouraged to eattarantulas and scorpions. Barnard says the insects are high in protein and addsnutrition to the dishes.

The company behind the restaurant, Gourmet Grubb also launched an all insect ice cream menu last year.



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