Visual artist, Josef Adamu eulogizes Ghanaian kente in his JUMP BALL series


Creative and Head Director of Sunday Service, Josef Adamu is celebrating fashion and sports in his new body of work.

Adamu highlights the relationship between the game of basketball and other African cultures including Ghana through the use of the famed Kente. Kente which has grown to represent the black liberation movement originated from Bonwire in the Ashanti region and has several meanings amongst the Akan ethnic group.

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SS Presents: JUMP BALL 🌍🏀💫 GHANA (Gold Coast) 🇬🇭 Featuring Philemon (@philgyamfi16) + Jeremy (@_jeremyaibi)

The game of basketball brings us all together. The atmosphere, competition, and stories impact our lives in a huge way. ‘Jump Ball’ aims to highlight the blend between basketball and cultures across the African Diaspora.

The Kente cloth is a world-renowned source of pride for many Ghanaians. Kente is typically made from cotton and silk, with various colours and designs that carry significant meanings that reflect traditional Ghanaian values.

This is a Sunday School Production.

Photography: @oshane.howard
Directed/Produced: @josefadamu
Co-Produced: @maliksully + @streetchief + @oshane.howard
Words by @streetchief
Styled by: @streetchief
Graphic Design: @_ezm



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