We think these African print outfits will look very good on you


We are currently having a serious love affair with contemporary African print wear and how designers are creating majestic pieces with them.

The exciting thing about wax textiles is that they can stand on its own or can be mixed with other fabrics to create so many things. It’s also a garment of choice for every type of occasion. There are print staples for a casual day out, an evening event, a wedding reception, the office and anything you can think off.

Basically, they are like a reliable partner that won’t fail you and always there for you. So we today we’ve highlighted some 8 African print dresses that will look pretty good on you no matter what the situation. We hope you love them

Ophelia Crossland


Abi KD

Nana Agyemang

The Lady Vhodka

Ulla Johnson

Mazelle Studio

Loza maleombho

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