10 times Samira Bawumia slayed and left us gasping for breath in her Kente styles

Samira Bawumia, a woman of valor, style and class. One of the few Ghanaian women who always looks effortlessly and painlessly put together at all occasions.

Between managing her foundation, advocating passionately for women’s rights and being the Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Samira continues to serve us with the most sensational looks we have ever seen.

Styled by Pistis and Stylista Ghana, the Second Lady ups her fashion game at every different occasion she attends. She stays winning the hearts of Ghanaians event after event.

Of all her looks, the Second Lady definitely looked her best in bespoke traditional Kente outfits. Here are the top 10 of Samira Bawumia’s Kente looks that stole the spotlight:

Looking regal in pink

image via sbawumia on Instagramn

Sitting pretty in a royal kente mix of purple and yellow

image via sbawumia on Instagramn

Elegant in a combination of striped orange and blue

image via sbawumia on Instagram

Traditional Kente

image via sbawumia on Instagram

Royal Kente Outfit

image via sbawumia on Instagram

Modest in a combination of green and violet

image via sbawumia on Instagram

Her Kente outfit for the recent inauguration

image via sbawumia on Instagram

Beautiful in Blue

image via sbawumia on Instagram

Wonderful in White Kente

image via sbawumia on Instagram

Perfect in peach

image via sbawumia on Instagram

Hoping to see more stunning looks from the Second Lady this year.





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