5 Local Dishes You Should Try


So it’s no wonder most people want good food whenever they are away from home. After all, everyone’s mum is the best cook in the world

So If you are lucky enough to find yourself in this amazing west African country called Ghana for work or some tourism event these are the top 5 foods you should try without delay.

Let’s whet your appetite with these Ghanaian dishes..Enjoy !!!!

 1. Jollof

The issue of jollof rice and its origin will forever be a mystery to all of us. Not forgetting the controversy of who cooks the best jollof rice between Ghana and Nigeria. However, the love of Jollof will be with us till the kingdom come. Jollof is what you’ll call bae for all the right reasons. The dish which consists of rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, onions, spices, and pepper is the best meal to order in any restaurant or eatery if you visit Ghana for holidays or a business trip. You can go further to ask for some green pepper sauce, salad, meats or fish.!Trust us you’ll be regurgitating after it’s said and done.

2. Fufu


This meal is another special one you should try. Thought a staple food for the Akan people who speak the Twi dialect. Fufu has become a national meal. The fufu dish is made up of plantain and cassava or sometimes cocoyam or yam. The meal which is accompanied by different types of soups and meat is eaten normally with the hand and will awaken your taste buds for life. The Sunday special fufu session at restaurants and local chop bars, as well as homes after church, is a sight to be held. Fufu is second on our list.


3. Waakye


Waakye: This time around no one can take the rights to waakye from us. It’s our birthright..lol. Waakyeis another Ghanaian dish which is made up of cooked rice and beans. It may be prepared in the home, but is normally sold by roadside vendors. There is a myth that home-cooked waakye doesn’t “pap” like the one by the roadside. Mostly sold by Muslims, waakye is eaten with wele, fried fish, plantain, gari, and egg. There is no time limit to waakye you can take its breakfast, lunch or dinner.


4. Banku


Banku is the main food for the Ewe people in southern Ghana but every Ghanaian has definitely tasted the different version of banku at a certain point in their life. The local delicacy which may be enjoyed with fish such as tilapia, meat, okra stew and or hot pepper sauce is made with cornmeal and cassava dough. Whenever you are in Ghana you best must try the dish at all cost.


5. Gari &Beans


Gari & Beans a.k.a Gob3 is a pottage of beans and red oil which is eaten with fried plantain is another dish you have to try at all cost. Most people prefer it with gari a.k.a cassava flakes. Small portions of this meal could make one very satisfied in a very short while so be careful not to order for much. Gob3 completes our list at the number.



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