#WorldJollofRiceDay: 7 important facts about Jollof Rice

Did you know that the 22nd of August is marked as the World Jollof Rice Day across the world?? If you did or did not know Happy World Jollof Rice day to you all the same.

According to Jollof historians, the important was first celebrated in 2015 but the creators of the special day is unknown. Since then its become an important feature on the culinary calendar with several events being created to honour West African’s special dish

Despite the giant strides the event has chalked, it has still not been adopted by the United Nation on their list of International Days. We are hopeful a resolution will be passed sooner than later.

Jollof is eaten at anytime of the day and at any event. The rice and tomatoes dish has became a staple across the world prompting a West African rivalry known as “Jollof Wars” on who cooks the best Jollof Rice dish.

Here are 7 important facts you need to know about Jollof Rice.

Ghana Jollof is the best

No one can cook better Jollof rice than Ghanaians. Please argue with your ancestors. Ghana Jollof over the years has been judged as the best Jollof rice due to the consistency, flavor and texture.

Origin of Jollof rice

Jollof Rice is the invention of the Wolof tribe mainly found in the Gambia and Senegal area. It was later adapted by the other West African tribes.

Jollof was a fish-based recipe

Originally, Jollof rice was made with fish as the protein component but people have created new recipes with chicken and meat.

Tomatoes are essential

A good Jollof rice should have enough tomatoes. It the ingredient that gives the meal it’s yummy red colour.

Jollof Dance

A dance routine has been created in honor of Jollof rice.

Jollof Rice was originally a dinner dish

According to the Wolof people, The Wolof rice which is widely known as jollof rice was eaten in the evening and not morning as people do these days. In fact, Jollof is eaten at any time of the day.

Bottom of the Jollof rice is nicer than the top

A semi-burnt Jollof rice can give you orgasm. It is a well-established fact that the hardened part of the rice at the bottom is sweeter than the top

Funeral and Party Jollof rice is nicer than the home cooked version

The has to be a scientific explanation why Homemade jollof is not as tasty as the party jollof rice. According to a school of thought it’s the smoke and other ingredients that’s added but for us we just know free food is good food.





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