8 popular high school alliances that are still going strong in 2020

Back in High School one of the exciting experiences was belonging to an alliance especially if you were in a single-sex school.

High School alliances amongst single-sex schools in Ghana was and continues to be a major bragging right for the various schools that take part.

The alliance, also known as “Allia” is one way these educational institutions foster a healthy relationship between male and female students. It is usually based on religious similarities, historic gestures, or location and is a sense of pride from students who attend these schools.

Unions like these have ended up in marriages, job opportunities and many other advantages. Several families in Ghana have children choose High schools with these alliances in mind. Events that see alliances come to play so much include Inter-College sports, Funfairs, Quizzes, Debates and School Anniversaires.

It is also worthy to note that these alliances are officially accepted by authorities of these institutions and students are allowed to socialize with their counterparts.

Here are 8 school alliances that are still going strong even in 2020.

Check them out and let’s know if your school made the list.


Slogan: A mark of intellectual friendship

Accra Academy and St. Mary’s alliance are known as ACASMA. The two schools located in the Greater Accra region have had this relationship since the 1970s. It is said that ACASMA was established after a nationwide teachers strike in the 1970s which led students from Accra Academy students who were capable of learning the school curriculum on their own, teach the students of St. Mary’s SHS. The kind gesture won the admiration of staff and students who approved the union to foster stronger ties between both institutions. 


Slogan: Stronger Together

Adisadel College and Mfanstiman Girls both in the central region come together to form SANTA-MOGA. Adisadel was also established in 1910 by the Anglican Bishop of Accra, Nathaniel Temple Hamlyn. Mfantsiman which was formerly called Saltspond Girls Secondary School was established by Ghana’s first President as appreciation to the people of Saltpond for the role they played in the independence struggle. You can find several chapters of this union in various tertiary institutions, a national chapter and branches abroad.




Mfantsipim and Wesley Girls High School are two of Ghana’s oldest school and it’s no wonder the two have a strong bond. Mfantsipim, for instance, served as the A-level centre for students of Wesley girls during a period when the latter wasn’t conducting the examination. Wesley Girls and Mfantsipim enjoy a cordial relationship in the fields of sports, entertainment, education and many more.


Slogan: In a class of our own


St.Peter Senior High School in Nkwatia and St. Roses Senior High School in Akwatia make up the SPEROSA alliance. The two catholic institutions celebrate several occasions together including Anniversaries, homecoming, Fun Fairs and many others. There is a special SPEROSA club set up in the two schools to inculcate the values of the organization into the students.


Slogan: “Action Nkotse” It’s tight!!!

St.Augustine’s College and Holy Child School both in Cape Coast have an ongoing alliance called APSU-HOPSA. The two Catholic schools enjoy such a positive rapport such that Holy Child School organized a durbar in honour of St.Augustine’s College after they won the 2019 edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz



Opoku Ware School and St.Louis both in Kumasi and Catholic Institution make up the Akata-Slopsa union. Akata which is the truncated form of Opoku Ware’s nickname “Akatakyie” which means “conquering heroes” in Akan and SLOPSA, a name given to past students of St.Louis Secondary School. The two schools organize funfairs, games, health screening, meetings and trips to keep the alliance exciting and interesting.



Presbyterian Boy’s Senior High School and their sister School, Aburi Girls High School form the PREGISS association. Presec has an official guest status at all Aburi girls events and vice versa.



St.Thomas Aquinas in Cantonments and Accra Girls are the last on this list. They also have such a strong alliance with presence all over the country and abroad. They’re mostly spotted together during Inter-College games and other High school events.





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