For Women’s Month Debonair Afrik released an inspiring cover in honor of the Africa woman

Online fashion magazine & styling company, Debonair Afrik is changing the fashion landscape with its consistently outstanding editorials and magazine covers.

This month’s edition which it dubbed “Femme en Force: Celebrating African Millennial Women in Fashion” is another feather in its cap as it honored the brave and illustrious women of Africa. African women have often been portrayed in a poor light by the international media and new media companies like Debonair Afrik are flipping the script with every issue it releases.

Using one of Africa’s prolific models and ANTM alumni Maame Adjei, the 1 of 3 covers has her posing with a young lamb behind in a black tulle dress by Stevie French and a larger-than-life headdress. The other two covers also pay homage to other African designers and different concepts in fashion in a rural setting which is key in the daily African story.

Shot by Award-winning fashion photographer, Phloshop, this edition is testament to the creative and spectacular work that is being churned in Africa and deserves the attention of African governments as well as investors. The new issue also discusses 20 style guide every woman should know.

Check the full editorial below

Art Direction: Nuel Bans

Photography: Phloshop

Stylist: Nuel Bans

Assistant: Kirk Marcel

Model: Maame Adjei

Makeup: Alexandrina

Outfit: Nuna Couture Gh, Diva Delicious, Korlekie, Steve French

Videography: Maame Yaa





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