A Ghanaian child’s Tale: here are 4 horror stories that will have you nostalgic

Have you heard? Are you scared? Did you know? Well, we will never know if these were lies or the truth. All the stories that got us scared too.

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You must relate to at least one of these stories:

Madam Moke or Madam High Heel

For those who were dropped off to school early because Mum and Dad had to go to work early, you sure did hear the tales of the woman in high heels who was looking for her red shoe and how she lashed anyone who wore a red heel.

It was rumored that she was a teacher who was killed by her students and placed in a cupboard. When her students were trying to get her in the cupboard, one of her heels came off.

The story of madam high heel changing things in the cupboard and walking around schools in the early hours of the morning came to stay.

Students shared stories of how they encountered madam high heel and how they received beatings after she asked of the whereabouts of her red heel. Scary right?

If you keep a banana in your pocket and mash it while you’re being caned, your teacher will die.

For the wicked teachers who caned our palms, backs and butts, most students found comfort in the story of the teacher who died after caning one of his students. After every touch your toe beating, we sat and shared this comforting story.

A teacher woke up from bed and realized his leg was swollen, all efforts to get better proved futile. He was told a student he canned put banana and gari and mashed it thus his ailment.

However false this was, at least we had some comfort that such justice was going to befall every wicked teacher.

If you take toffees from strangers, it will turn into a finger.

You heard the story of the toffee that turned into a finger, every parent shared this story with their kid to get them from eating everywhere.

There was a birthday celebration at school and toffee was shared to every child in school, one student forgets the toffee in his pocket. When his mum placed his hand in his pocket, the toffee had turned into a finger. (This rumour cost me a candy bar. I threw it into the bin because my mum didn’t want a finger in my stomach).

Never pick money off the ground

If you heard the story of the school boy who turned into a yam, I’m sure you’ll still have PTSD picking money from the ground.

The last thing anyone wants is to be a yam and carried away by a man on a motorcycle. Even making a cross sign over the money couldn’t fix this one.

If you are not turned into a yam, be ready to be a fowl or a goat. Whoever decided to ruin our childhood by spreading these rumours really did a good job.

For a while, we could not play since no parent wanted their child fed to Dr BECKLEY’S crocodiles.





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