You are a real OG if you remember these popular childhood snacks

It’s another trip down memory lane. Let’s jump down the slide to our childhood and remember the snacks every kid rushed to buy during recess or when school closed.

Wahala for the person who spent all his money during school hours. You definitely remember at least one of these snacks.

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They were literally the reason why basic school didn’t ruin us.

Here are the best ones from our childhood

Fan Ice!!! so nice nice nice

This was the ad for the cool kids, with the kids having fun and dancing in cool clothes to cool music. Many kids wished they had been featured in that TV commercial. Fanice tasted great. That was when fanice wasn’t so much of air and yoghurt was so rich, we could share in three parts. The youngest always got the middle and would end up trying to lick his or her elbow at a point.

Parlays Biscuit

I know I wasn’t the only one who sang “Abedi Pele loves Parlays , Parlays is very yummy, Parlays is very tasty, Parlays fill my tummy, yaayy Parlays biscuit” before trying to put a full biscuit in my mouth.

The Time My Husband Sat Down

Whatever happened to parlays we do not know, but Abedi Pele sure made parlays biscuit fun to eat.


The triangle shape of juvita definitely sold. The fact that it wasn’t just the regular rectangle shaped fruit juice was the reason why it was loved by many. Pineapple and orange refresh were the best. I can still taste the pineapple flavor in my mouth.

Choco Dip

The excitement that came with scooping your chocolate with that very tiny spoon or the stick-shaped biscuit made everything okay after a long day of school. We wouldn’t be shocked if it was the cause of diabetes though.


We loved a good cup of ice-cream that came frozen with a chewing stick. We licked on those things with so much joy. If you were given a 100 pesewas coin, your body just found itself at your neighbor’s house calling out the ice cream woman to give you an ice cream. After sweets, you got yourself a chewing stick, who needed a dentist then?

Cabin Biscuits

If you did not have cabin biscuits or those biscuits that were shaped like fish, dogs, cows, cats and birds, then it wasn’t Christmas, those biscuits sure felt good with some chilled coke or Fanta. These were the reigning snacks then, it’s Christmas in 2020 and we know we won’t see these biscuits at home.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know!





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