#ApprovedSBA1: Bishop and Sylvia’s romantic love story began at the hospital and now it’s heading to the altar.


For our first April Pre-Wedding feature story, we take you through the beautiful and romantic story of Ghanaian couple, Bishop and Sylvia who first met at the hospital.

In what was just meant to be a good samaritan/professional helping another patient, the story twists into a romantic relationship when they get home.

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Their story is all the remainder we need that love come bloom anywhere if we give it the chance.

Sharing his beautiful story with Sorce Photography as part of their routine QnA, he wrote:

I met my wife to be in the hospital and helped her sort out everything she needed to after I dropped her home.

Started checking up on her from time to time.

We liked each other, started having late-night calls, and by the time I realized I had fallen in love with her and didn’t know how to let it out… but eventually, everything happened naturally bcos the feeling was mutual…

And finally, we are here to tie the knot 🪢 🔥🔥🔥.

If you loved their story then wait to see the amazing photos that were captured on a boat ride on the Volta lake.

Go ahead and enjoy the photos from their pre-wedding shoot along with their love story.



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