#RatedJs2020: Jay slid into Judith’s DM and it was one worth replying to. See their Pre-wedding photos

Just like most couples of today, Jay and Judith’s journey to forever begun on social media.

Despite first meeting her at the annual Kwahu Easter and admiring from afar, their classic love story morphed after a series of coincidence including finding out his little sister and Judith’s little brother knew each other.

And it doesn’t end there, there are a few hiccups before the first date and finally a gym date. You will love reading this beautiful story from Jay’s viewpoint and all his funny interjections. This is truly a man who has struck more than gold with his love. 😍

Enjoy the read and the pre-wedding photos!!

How They Met

Spotted this dark beautiful lady standing next to me during Easter festivities at Kwahu inside Rock City Hotel in April 2019.

She really got my attention but I never got the right chance to say hi (moff lazy😂) so I forgot about her.

Fast Forward to June 20th 2019, my kid sister posted a young man on Instagram and in my quest to find out the relationship he had with her, I decided to go check out the young man’s handle.

To my utmost surprise, I chanced on a picture of the lady I never had the courage to say hi to in Kwahu.

She was the sister of the young man my sister posted. I was happy and thrilled to see her again after 3months so I called my kid sister to try and link us up but she “browned” her big brother😄.

I knew this was my only chance so the Bull slid into her dm chaley 😬but guess what she responded in minutes ( it felt like I had won the lottery🤣) but be like she was also feeling the Bull low key in Kwahu 😄✌🏾 so the vibe was cool and we had lots of things in common so we got along pretty well.

The First Date

 It was difficult trying to convince her initially to meet me(allo she was tryna play hard to get 😃) but we made it happen.

How It’s Going

We had lunch and planned a gym date after to get her in my world lol. Ever since, she’s been my bestie, konkonsa mate, confidante, gym partner and praying partner.

I’m blessed to have her in my life ❣️😍

Pre-Wedding Team

Bride @ahwenepa_nkasa

Groom @ratedbullfit

Photography @creative_vision_photography





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