Hamamat Montia is re-branding the popular staple Gari to give it a global appeal


Just like most people have you also come to the realization that Gari has no advert running but sells more than some of the world’s super food brands you know?

If your answer was Yes, then this phenomenon is about to change as Super model and Entrepreneur, Hamamat Montia seeks to re-brand the popular staple and it give it a wider global appeal.

Celebrated for its diverse use and long shelf life, Gari/Garrin which means powder or powdery material in Hausa (a popular nomadic language spoken in most parts of West Africa) is relished by most Africans and those in the diaspora.

Gari which is a by-product of cassava is eaten as Eba, Lebu and Kokoro in Nigeria, Yoo ke Gari (beans and Gari) among the Ga people who inhabit the coastal city of Accra and its environs while the Northern tribes in Ghana eat Waakye with Gari. Popularly known as the “Student’s Companion” it is also eaten as a cereal or paired with shito (pepper sauce) by most students especially in boarding school and the university. It is also popular in Togo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and others.

Despite it’s household popularity and age the food product has not enjoyed good packaging even in an era where brands pay critical attention to it’s image. It is still kept in empty containers, polythene bags and sacks which can give it a pretty dull and unappealing look.

Hamamat’s gari is not the only gari brand that exists on the market as several companies package gari,sugar and sometimes groundnut in exciting packages for students and professionals. It is however, currently the only brand selling gari without the other condiments for gari soakings.

Fortunately,Ghanaian model and entrepreneur, Hamamat Montia through her Hamamat African Nutrition company is trying consciously to change the branding problem Gari faces worldwide whiles sharing Africa’s healthy diets to the world.

Hamamat Montia is a supermodel and entrepreneur who is changing local product and giving it an international appeal

Launched on the 6th of March which also marks Ghana’s Independence anniversary, the company packages Gari in various sizes of tightly sealed glass containers with it’s logo and Ghana’s flag proudly embossed on it. Shipping directly from Accra, where it’s headquartered, customers and clients are required to order the product from its e-commerce website where other African skin and food products alike are sold or may call a local hotline dedicated to the service.

In a post on Instagram, the former Ghanaian beauty queen explained the rationale behind the new venture which has also received wild reviews from buyers.

“Happy Monday #KingsandQueens. Recent studies have suggested that African diets are amongst the healthiest in the world, so just because you live outside Africa doesn’t mean you should deprive your body and soul of proper nutrition and nourishment.
Your Health is your Wealth. Click Hamamat.com to shop.” She said.

With this new branding approach, the new Gari is poised to cement its leadership as a global market leader. Perhaps, the rest of the world and its super-brands such as Apple, Coco-Cola and Rolls Royce should be on the look out for this old and revered African giant.

This article was co-authored by Kausar Umar Bawah, a Level 300 English student of the University of Ghana and a copywriter with Bloom Interactive.

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