#NTIMATE19: Ntim and Nanelle’s traditional wedding was a testament of real love, true friendship and good vibes

The internet will not be in a hurry to forget the display of rich Ghanaian culture, love, enchanting bridesmaids, positive energy and electric dance moves that was captured during the traditional marriage ceremony of General Ntim and Nanelle.

From the viral videos of bridesmaids in orange that got everyone talking to the coordinated set-up, it was the textbook definition of perfect.

Nanelle Nortey, the woman who stole General Ntim’s heart looked the part in an exquisite single strap kente dress with an embellished bodice. Her classic bridal makeup was created by professional bridal makeup-artist, Valerie Lawson, who also styled the hair into a rolled-inside chignon hairstyle with blood red teardrop earrings.

Her bridesmaids which included Dr Louisa, a bevy of beautiful Ghanaian ladies and Caucasian friends brings to memory; Chinua Achebe’s “The beautiful ones are not yet born”. Clad in orange lace dresses in trendy styles and matching turban they gave the ceremony all the hype, energy and panache it needed. In case you’re having a wedding, we advise you go hire this squad because they were full of energy.

The groom on the other hand was regal in an 8-yard woven kente cloth with traditional sandals and a well-groomed beard and hair to whisk off his damsel.

The reception saw Nanette change into a red kente dress as Ntim wore a cream Arabian styled Kaftan as family and friends from both sides joined the couple to celebrate their union.

photography: @focusnblurvideography: @rippleeffectgh

planning &coordination: @purpletwirlevents

food: @kadinacatering

makeup and hair: @mzl4wson

decor: @signaturecreationsgh

cake: @sweetintins_couture_cakes

brides outfits: @pistisgh

security: @goldmaxx_security

breakfast setup: @themobilebreakfastbar , @frootbouquets

local bar: @sipsgh

restrooms: @bgrestrooms

waiting service: @iquenchgh

cocktails: @punch_gh

wedding website: @alwayseverafter





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