With all that has happened in 2020, here are some pretty good reasons why you need a friend

Photo By: Adrian McDonald

Times are tough and considering how 2020 has ended up we all need FRIENDS who are in our corner as much we are in theirs.

The million-dollar question is simple but can take aeons to answer. Who is a friend?

In attempting to answer, A friend can be described as someone who shares a mutual bond and affection with you. Friends can come in many forms including gender, race, economic status and sometimes even pets.

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Most people may argue that being a loner or a solo type of person is ideal because there’s less trouble and drama but that is very wrong.

Toxic friends breed toxic environments and good friends vice versa so it’s up to you to choose the friends that align with your values. Friends are also helpful and good for your mental says the Mental Health Foundation of the UK.

“Friendship can play a key role in helping someone live with or recover from a mental health problem and overcome the isolation that often comes with it,” it explained

With all that being said here are some pretty good reasons why you need a friend.

Friends are a backbone to emotional support.

Even though friends cannot solve all your problems, the mere fact that they listen to the problems gives a form of relief to a person. As the old saying “a problem shared is half solved” goes a long way to suggest that the attention you get from some goes a long way to relieve you of your current mishap. 

Friends contribute to ideas to make one succeed 

“Two heads are better than one” this goes a long way to say friends help come up with ideas to move forward in life. You may have a business idea and you need an idea or a different perspective to an analysis. A friend is available to offer such help. 

A friend helps you take up an interest

Your friend maybe into music, you may join him or her and find out you were a music lover after all. They end up given you some interest in some personal attachment to things. “Show me your friend and I would show you your character” is a saying that shows that indeed a friend rubs off his or her attitude on an individual.



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