OK Sensei’s latest photo series explores the relationship between African identity and black excellence

Paris-based photographer and UIX designer, Okeko Sensei shares his latest photo series exploring identity, tradition and culture in a foreign community.

Okeko is the brains behind Okeko Sensei on social media, a photography and UIX company that help companies design effective interfaces based on a user-centric strategy. For this series, the photographer collaborates with other young black men with African roots.      

 The series draws inspiration from Kente, wax-textiles and how the fabric is worn around the shoulders by Ghanaian and Ivoirian men. It is an ode to the Akan men who occupy the two nations and were known for their gallantry and fearlessness.

He affirms his beliefs in a spot on Instagram.

Wherever you are, never forget where you come from.
what your ancestors did to enable your life today.
All is inheritance

Okeko Sensei

Check out our favorite images from the series.

CreditsPhotographer : @okeko.sensei
Producer : @iam_blacklegacy
MUA : @naemakeuup
Models : @mister_antoine_@marvin_mcf





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