Shafik Mahama and Asma’s Dubai wedding was a beautiful blend of Ghanaian and Algerian cultures

A son of former president John Dramani Mahama, Shafik Mahama is officially off the market after he tied the knot with his Algerian girlfriend and makeup artist, Asma.

The rather intimate affair took place in Dubai on Thursday, July 16 according to several reports and media publications.

The Algerian beauty and Shafik met back in school and are both based in the Emirates city of Dubai.

For the beautiful yet simple wedding, the bride wore a cut out sleeve dress and did her own makeup and hair for the nuptial as the groom looked dashing in a black lapel suit.

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“I did my own wedding glam. From the hair to the makeup, I’ve always known I’d do my own wedding glam because no one can me look beautiful as I do myself,” the Arabian beauty revealed

She also pointed out that she was a professional makeup artiste for two years.

“For those that don’t know, I was a makeup artist professionally for about 2 years so I feel very comfortable trusting myself with such a big moment in my life,” Asma added.

A blend of both cultures was evident during the event as the couple managed to incorporate food, music, outfits and wedding traditions from their respective origins.

They also were spotted wearing traditional outfits from Ghana and Algeria.

Former President who congratulated them on the success of the event on Instagram was however absent from the wedding due to travel restrictions.

“Congrats Shafik and Asma. God richly bless your union,” he posted on Tuesday.

Shafik is the first son of the President with his wife, former First Lady Lordina Mahama.

Watch the full video here





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