Some Ghanaians Are Vouching for Trump to Win the Elections. Here’s Why.

At a glance, you wouldn’t notice any similarities between the United States Elections and the Ghanaian elections. 

However, some analysts have noticed a trend in the elections of both countries.  

As seen below, in elections where the Democratic Party of the USA won, the National Democratic Party of Ghana also won. In the same vein, the National Patriotic Party won elections in the same voting year when the republicans won.  

This has led some people to believe that if Trump wins this year’s elections, Nana Addo will also win in Ghana but if Biden wins, John Dramani Mahama will take over the reins of government. 

However, responding to the matter for the first time on Okay FM , Mr  Kojo Oppong Nkrumah was quick to shoot down the assertion emphasizing that elections are won purely based on track records and no historical antecedent.

“There is no similarity between the elections in the US and elections in Ghana. Their current President was a businessman who became a politician. Our current President, on the other hand, is an astute lawyer and politician,” he pointed out.

He said the successes chalked under the ruling government is what will grant it success in the upcoming polls and not any political historical similarity.

“In 2016 there was a similar myth that you cannot win the Presidency if you are not named John. Nana Akufo-Addo beat John Mahama at the time despite this claim. It is about your hard work and not such comparisons.” He concluded.

It might seem like a far fetched theory but let us wait to see how all this plays out.

What are your views on this topic?  Let us know in the comments.





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