This photo of a best man praying with the groom to calm his nerve is the definition of friendship goals

As human beings who live on this planet called Earth,we all someway somehow have friends and the introverted ones among us aren’t any different.

We have childhood friends, high school friends, university buddies, office buddies, the neighborhood friend, the acquaintance who thinks they’re your friend, the other categories of friends we have and the friends who are always there for us no matter what.

So it was not very surprising that on his wedding day, Dr Sidney Sykes will choose his bosom friend of 20 years, Enam Kunutsor to be his best man as he married another friend, Andrea.

Enam also known as the Grey Shutter, a wedding photographer with Ghana’s premium wedding photography company, Team 1000 Words, with delight took the best man role and proved his mettle.

From quickly dashing out to deliver the groom’s gift to leading his fellow groomsmen to conquer the dance floor among other duties, Enam was indeed the Best man of the #Sykes2019 wedding.

Nonetheless, what stood out for everyone was the quite sentimental photo of him and Sidney praying before the ceremony started in a bid to calm the latter’s nerves.

Sharing the beautiful moment on Team 1000 words’ Instagram account, which has garnered over 2.7 likes as at the time of publication, it captioned “The spirit of a friendship over 20 years old. This best-man is winning at this support game! “

It’s also received several mentions and shares on renowned wedding publications including yours truly, Bellanaija Weddings, African Sweetheart Weddings, Ghana weddings and many more.

And it didn’t end there as Enam took to his Twitter account to share a blow-by-blow account of all that took place. They’re not cutting onions here but we are already crying.

When reached out to the humble and handsome Enam after the post went viral, he had this to say about his friendship and the priceless moment.

“I’ve known Sydney from the very first day we entered Class 1 in Ridge Church School in 1998 till today and he’s been a friend, brother and confidant. Our friendship grew stronger when our mothers became good friends and we started playing tennis together at the Accra Lawn Tennis Club back in Class 5. From then, we practically became brothers and Sydney means a lot to me. We’ve shared many moments together but one precious one I’ll always cherish, to everyone’s surprise as I’d imagine, was one cool Saturday afternoon when we tag-teamed to finish one of the most difficult stages in the video game on Xbox called Halo. That stage was extremely difficult and after several attempts to go at it individually, we finally decided to give it a go as a team and it was one of the most beautiful things to watch. A memory I’ll forever cherish since it also taught me a very important lesson of how much more individuals can achieve when they unite to get anything done.”

CONGRATULATIONS Mr and Mrs Sykes!!! You have a great friend in Enam. Sending you joy, love and happiness in your marriage


Decor: @alltalentstheplanner
Venue: @redcarpetevents
Groomsmen grooming:@kritikal_wear
Mc: @mr_2feet
Dj: @iamdjstark
Lighting: @megamac_stage_effects
Videography: @sorce_photography
Photography: @team1000words
Cocktail: @tikass_mobile_bar
Cake: @pinkpandabakery

*This article has been updated with quotes from the best man for accuracy and clarity





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