Together Forever: Dominic and Gina's traditional wedding was a beautiful Christmas love story

Ghanaian weddings are a rich blend of culture, beauty, tradition, and history; making it a special celebration for those who take part in it.

The legacy of marrying our children in the fine arraignment of Ghanaian woven cloth, Kente, Batakari and lace is one that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Beautiful Ashanti Princess, Georgina was taken in as wife to Dominic in a rich display of culture during the Christmas festivities.

Clad in an iconic Kente fabric with a strong and historical background, “The Fatia Fata Nkrumah” kente which was woven in honor of Madam Fatia Nkrumah who married Ghana’s First President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on New Year’s eve 1957 at the Christianborg Castle.

The colorful beaded corset dress with a high slit was gorgeously draped over the bride like a second skin. According to Sadia Sanusi who made the bridal masterpiece, “Georgina was such a patient bride, she believed in us from the onset.”

For the gallant groom who came to pick his wife on a fine holiday, he walked with half of his chest exposed whiles the other crazy almost 8-yards of woven kente in different colors and patterns.

Shot by wedding photographer, Focus N Blur, we can’t help but love all the details captured in the beautiful love story of Dominic and Gina. right from decor to food, bridal party, and even the dowry bearers.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful Christmas love story and fall in love with Ghanaian traditional marriages again.


Decor –@ri_styled
Food- @Foodbankgh
Music –@dj_adom
Cocktails- @Azareetastebar
Hair – @ani_nessa
Makeup- @Marion_km
Photography- @focusnblur
Videography- @IconicPhotography_
Dowry Bearers- @nakordyofficials
Brides dresses – @Saadiasanusi@bysugarkane
Grooms outfit- @_dfhai
Groomsmen outfit – @ragsofglory
Favors – @adepapieces@lush_n_lilies
Mc – @syd_mcq1d





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