4 things you should do more regularly than you do Pt 2

We are back to the table shaking business. Did you miss us?

We missed you and hope you have done the necessary things as stated in Part 1 of this article.

Oh, you have? Bravo!

You are ready to proceed now. Let’s check out the next set of things shall we?

Wash your pillows

The fact that you did not know you could wash your has answered all our questions. Granted some of us are very prompt with giving our pillows sun tans every now and then, in the name of airing them, this cannot be compared to an actual water and detergent wash. Pillows are made of fabric case and a filling that ranges from foam to feathers to scrap fabric to cotton. It is important to take note of the individual differences and wash them accordingly.

Clean your mattress

Not swaying too far from its cousin, the Pillow, we have the mattress. Yes, you can clean your mattress apart from airing it. It is advised that every now and then, one can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust, dead skin cells, hair and all manner of dirt. You can use an enzyme cleaner of stain remover to get rid of biological stains on the mattress. To get rid of foul smell and unwanted odour, it is advised to sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and leave for a while, then vacuum it off. Finally, air it out and it is as good as new

Change/ wash your towel

Who told you your towel is not dirty because it doesn’t look dirty even though it’s been 6 weeks? It is time to change that towel! Expert advise says to change a towel after every three to four uses. Notice we said uses and not days. It is noted that after every bath, not every bodily bacteria is removed from the skin and gets trapped on the towel during a post-shower rubdown. This bacteria then multiplies rapidly on the towel and keep building on as the days go by. Rubbing down with bacteria infested towels could produce breakouts on the skin of the individual and worse case scenarios; infections, especially when the towel is shared.

Change your socks

Are we speaking to someone today? That black socks you have been wearing since “Chale Wote street festival 2018”. we know it and it will not do you any good! Socks are supposed to be washed after every wear and not as lead by the voice in your head telling you the smell is still bearable. Dirty socks equates to moist feet which can lead to nasty foot conditions and fungal growth that will leave you wondering why you could not fight the spirit of laziness and just wash the socks. Unless you plan on making a mushroom production site out of your feet, we advise socks be washed after every wear.

That’s it for today fam. We bring you another batch next time. While you wait, kindly do the needful, would you?





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