Travel Guide: Everything I have learnt about planning a babymoon and what you should know about it


Whoever coined the term ‘Babymoon’ and made it a thing has definitely brought another stress to the already tired sons of Adams.

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But like they say on the streets, it is what it is. The million-dollar question on the lips of everyone is ‘What is a babymoon?’

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According to baby and family experts, it’s that relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

If you think choosing a honeymoon venue comes with stress, try deciding with your wife the location to have your babymoon.

I remember the first time I heard the word babymoon, although I understood clearly what it meant, I had to ask for clarification just be sure my ears heard right. Whoever thought that was even a thing??

I’ll not bash our men for not knowing what it means, because even I was hearing it for the first time.

Well since it’s a thing and I suddenly have taken interest in finding out about it and looking for a location for my friend’s babymoon, here is your ultimate guide to help you during your babymoon times.

Just like a girlguide, “be prepared”.

1. Prepare adequately

First things first, you’ve got a fat life in you, please make sure you find a destination with good medical help nearby. Do your homework before leaving home. Make sure you have your insurance and medical details with you too.

2. Pack a comfortable wardrobe


Don’t pack like you are taking a trip to go sit in a different room, remember you planned this trip because you were tired of the indoors. Get yourself some maternity swimwear, comfortable footwear and some sunscreen if you’ll be using the outdoors a lot.

3. Take safety precautions

Now is not the time to be travelling about, consider this time as a steal to get away from the walls of your home. Try to stick to close destinations within a reasonable driving radius. Avoid areas with high virus records, it’s no longer just about you, you’ve got an extra life to protect.

4. Relax on your trip

Know that “me time” will soon be over, so use this opportunity to pamper yourself like a child. Book a spa time or try to get a couple’s massage. Let your hubby know he has to prep himself for the stress to come. He will remember this time when he has to wake up at 2 am to check why the baby is crying.

5. Research on healthy food restaurants at your selected destinations

You might not consider this, but check out the menus of your destination choice, I’m very sure you do not want to be hungry during your vacation or have your yourself make unhealthy eating options. You’ve come a long way to add up extra baby fat, it’s not worth it. Check out if they serve foods you can live on during your stay.

Have a great time, it might probably be your last. These attention needing babies sure do come with new stress and sacrificing love.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of a babymoon, if you want it, go for it, nine months is a long time, you’ve earned this one.



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