Trotro Tragedies: 5 Ghanaian commuters speak about their worst trotro ride

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Trotro Tragedies is a Bra Perucci Africa series that seeks and tells the story of the adventurous Ghanaian who uses public transport each day. The good, the bad and the ugly. We tell it all.

This week on Trotro Tragedies, we speak to 5 Ghanaian workers who recount their worst experiences in these public transport. Enjoy!

Photo by @nana_gaza

Marey, 21

The person I was sitting by spat on me. I will never forget this day. I was dressed going to see a friend and I was sitting by this old man in the front. He was chewing one of those sticks they use to brush their teeth. Every two minutes this man will spit on the ground. I was like you know what? Do what you gotta do Grandpa. I had no idea what was coming for me. The last time he spat out what he was chewing, the car was going very fast and he hadn’t directed the spit to the ground so the wind blew it back into my face. Bubbles and all. Most of it landed on my cheek. He apologized profusely and I got over it and wiped it off with hand sanitizer.

Fareed, 23

I slept past my junction. It was a Friday and I was so tired from work and not having enough sleep during the week. A little sleep, a little slumber. I leaned against and glass and I was gone with the wind. The troski drove past my junction to the last stop which is quite far. I got startled when I realized that the amount of sleep I was getting was very suspicious. I had no idea where I was so I asked the conductor and he told me. I just got down and picked a taxi back home with my last money.

Yayra, 21

The troski ran out of petrol on a dirt road and there was no petrol station in sight. Our car just stopped in the middle of nowhere and the driver went to check under the bonnet to see if the water was finished or something. Then he came back to tell us his petrol is finished so he is sending the conductor to go get some in the nearest town. Mate set off. We waited for over an hour and some of us decided to pick another Trotro but unfortunately all of the cars that were passing by were full because they always load the car from the station. It was morning too. I was so late for work that day. A man offered me and the others a lift to the next town and we got in.

Roy, 27

My hand got jammed in the car door. Most intense and painful 20 seconds of my life. I was sitting by the door and forgot that my hand was at where the door rests so I was looking out the window and i heard fiam! Immediately started screaming. He couldn’t see that he had jammed my fingers with the door so he kept on looking around frantically and then i pointed to it and he released the door. Till date, one of my fingernails is very messed up.

Photography By @the_jot_experience

Laura, 20

I left my purse at home. I have no idea how, but I was looking through my bag and couldn’t find it. Mustered up the courage to ask if I could send him Momo and he shouted at me. Las Las a good Samaritan paid for me and gave me money to take a Trotro back home for my purse. Wherever you are God bless you.

Come back next week for new stories. We have a whole gala of them. If you have a story you’d like to share with us, send us an email here.



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