What sounds rude, Ghanaian or a compliment but really isn’t?? These tweets will have you laughing hard

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Well, well, well!  Your favourite Twitter correspondent is back with the juice.  What’s trending on the bird app today?


What feels or sounds ….. but really isn’t? 

There are so many things that happen in the everyday life that we have normalized as either rude, Christian or we see them as compliments. But in truth, they really aren’t.

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Take a look at these tweets.

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God said what??

In Africa, if you don’t pass it forward, God will even kill you

NBS memes we are coming to send to our crush

Wow!!! We can’t ask Methuselah how he is?

This really sounds rude..lol

Okay…now this is rude..lol

What’s funny??

You should have said “Yes my lord/lady”

If i call you and you ask “who is this”, I’ll vex

Please leave already

You should add please

Please buy me new one

Please this isn’t a compliment

Eeeeii some of you though

All be fraud

it’s called fatphobia

What if I’m smiling and you don’t know

Wahala for those who look like their mom

In a good or bad way??

Na all be packaging

I wear it cos I can’t see

This one is a serious one

Hello Netflix, Spotify, Apple music

Vagabond isn’t Ghanaian??

Cassette too??

Pomade >> Nkuto