Black people on twitter are doing a thread for stylish folks and we are screaming #BlackExcellence

It all begun with a tweet by Dallas-based style consultant and photographer, Deveja Webb on micro-blogging site, twitter.

In that tweet which has raked almost 10k retweets and 64k likes, Webb asked people on twitter to share images of their stylish self.

He posted: “Let’s start a fashion thread Where the people that can dress?”

And in classic twitter style, black people begun to jump on the tweet sharing their sartorial best.

Like most trends on social media people of colour have shown that they’re not only talented but also very knowledgeable and goes to proof that #BlackExcellence is not a myth.

From streetwear to casual and to dapper suits, here are some of our favourite pick from the trend.

1. @jontaoht

2. Jay B.

3. Black.Thai

4. Elaysia Lea

5. ary

6. ????

7. Osaze Akil S.

8. Couture 

9. rj 

10. Coacoa

11. ⊥IᗡƎ ⊥⊥OƆS ƎHT

12. Renda

Credit: Twitter





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